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Jan 11, 2013 7:30am PST
leprechaun. as a matter of fact, in my novel that margaret spoke about, about jazz, in it, billy farrell, who is one of a very large number of characters, is a jazz pianist and before he begins playing a black leprechaun appears to him, mr. mcginniss so you can assume it's the ghost of mr. mcginniss. as margaret said, in 1949 we came to the south bronx, which was an irish neighborhood, mostly. i was sort of a spaced-out kid, destined obviously to be a poet. i was this big at 13 and i was a good rollerskater and the kids were amazed and they befriended me. after a while, they recognized that i had some sort of athletic ability and because i was so spaced out, they mistook it for great courage and if they pushed me, i pushed them back. it was just like a game. so they took to me and asked me to join the shamrocks. i even changed my name from ed vega to ed mcveigh. and this is how they passed me off because most of the teams they played were other irish kids. this was a regular football team so, consequently, they listed me as eddie mcveigh. it was great fun and my friends were jimmy flynn, padd
Jan 1, 2013 3:05am EST
himself the task of making a neoclassical ballet using balanchine's own muse, suzanne farrell, and her frequent partner peter martins. the effort of fitting himself into balanchine's mold was costly. "one is up for the knife on opening night," robbins wrote at the ballet's premiere "and i wish i were rabinowitz instead of robbins." only once did i see somebody scream at jerry. it was the first and only time i saw balanchine lose his temper. i remember mr. b. saying to him, "you know, jerry "i give you main hall, i give you choice of dancers "i give you choice of music, i choreograph on what's left over "in lower concourse, in opera studios with bad floors. "i give you everything everything, everything everything," balanchine was red. "and all you do is complain, complain, complain, complain complain, complain complain, complain, complain!" and mr. b. went like this. oh, yeah, he was like this and jerry was like this. and he said to him finally he said, "you know if you don't like it here, get the hell out." jerry, he shrunk and he ran. and i bet you, he went home and h
Jan 9, 2013 4:00pm EST
of the biggest rains in presenters including george clooney and will farrell. steven spielberg's "lincoln" leads the pack with the list of golden globe nominations with seven, including the best director for spielberg and acting honors for daniel day-lewis you sally field and tommy lee jones. thor is is mony, again, sunday at 8:00 here on nbc four. >>> britian's most famous mom-to-somebody celebrating a birthday today. the duchess of came bridge is now 41678 the former kate middleton won't take part in big events for her birth day. the palace says she is going to mark it in private with her hub business prince william. kate hasn't been seen in public since christmas day. she was hospitalized last month for severe morning sickness. she is said to be in her third month of pregnancy. >>> and beverly dredon, birthday wishes to her. happy birthday. >> happy birthday, bev. >>> coming up, why the fiscal cliff means it may take longer to get the tax refund. >>> should police need a warrant to give suspected drunk drivers a breath test? a live report on the battle between privacy and public safety. >>> a
Jan 21, 2013 11:35pm PST
you doing? will farrell, everybody. hey, will. >> hey, jimmy. >> jimmy: how's it going? >> what's up? >> jimmy: nothing. just doing the show. what's up with you? >> now? >> jimmy: yeah. abc moved us up to 11:35, so we're on earlier now. >> ha ha. yeah, right. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: no really, they did. what's going on here? >> well, i use the studio at 11:30 on wednesdays for my qvc knife show. you might want to check the sign-in sheet. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: i didn't even realize there was a sign-in sheet, to be honest with you. >> well, there is and my name is on it. >> jimmy: oh. well, i'm very sorry. i didn't know. >> it's okay. i'll just go ahead and start. >> jimmy: you know what, i'm in the middle of my show right now. >> i have knives to sell, kimmel, okay? >> jimmy: all right. do it quick, okay? >> knifers, only a few of these beauties left. say hello to the nonstick razor steel samurai stab master 2200. you want primo slicing action, look at what this baby does to balloons, huh? [ cheers and applause ] you always have trouble cutting through flan, don't you, jimmy? >> jimmy
FOX Business
Jan 23, 2013 1:00pm EST
is illogical. >> reporter: peter farrell is considering moving his medical company out of california. while this tax consultant has multiple clients, studying a similar move. >> as soon as prop 30 happened i saw just a huge change in the mind set. it was almost as if, you know, well, that's the, that pushes it to the limit i guess. >> they're fed up with the situation and they feel that, like they're being unfairly treated. >> reporter: these charts show you why. the top 5% of california taxpayers, those over 250,000, pay 62% of state income taxes. the top 2%? pay 46%. while just 34,000 taxpayers out of 14 million, pay 25% of state taxes. these guys aren't dumb. they're studying how to get out legally. two i spoke that that moved, they're saving $300,000 a year in state and property taxes. mickelson would be 6 million. top states, wyoming, washington, nevada. all zero taxes. arizona half as much. lori: wow! what a sad state of affairs. melissa: the weather is only worth so much the people are saying. the beach, i can live without it. forget the mcmansion. it is all about the micro apartment
Jan 10, 2013 1:00pm PST
. >> that was brilliant. >> spot-on, brilliant. >> i was a great supporting actor. >> also, the will farrell movie, "the campaign," would that have been nearly as funny without you? i don't think so. >> bizarre news coming out of the 14 st. district congressional race in north carolina. now, get this, cam brady, four-time congressman, punched a baby. >> punched a baby. >> brilliant. brilliant. >> again, i can't even begin. i'm outraged. did any oscar nominations come from those performances? >> none. no supporting actor, nothing. >> we will never forget. and now, wolf's riveting cameo in the blockbuster movie "skyfall," also a snub. but, wolf, if it's any consolation, daniel craig did not get nominated. >> that movie, "skyfall," grossed $1 billion and i was in that key scene. >> and wolf got all of not $1 billion. >> no. >>> all right, maybe next year. i'm going to keep doing these major motion pictures. >>> imagine a car driving up to a fast food restaurant, orders, but then creeps up to the window without a driver. that's exactly what cnn's jeanne moos found. >> reporter: in under five seconds, he can
FOX News
Jan 23, 2013 3:00am PST
in kind of the worst strange behavior. >> brian: is it like a reality show? >> it's made by peter farrell, who made movies in a similar vein in the past and he says he's making this movie -- let's go to the full screen -- for kids and for people in their 50s who are still smoking dope. so this is an r rated movie, but he's saying we want kids, teen-agers and we want basically burnt out pot smokers this their 50s. that's a great target audience for this movie. >> brian: look at this cast. hally barey, kate winslet, richard gere, uma thurman, jason sedakis. who's who of hollywood? >> jared butler threatening to cut off johnny knoxville's private parts. harry barry blowing out a blind boy's birthday candles. a mother and father who are oppressive home schoolers. and there is some sexual connotations between the father and the son allegedly and the father is hitting on the kid's girlfriend. it's pretty disturbing stuff. and so we say, okay. hollywood, you have nothing to do with the attitudes and the culture in this country at all. when people go nuts and start doing bad things, you say well,
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)